Ginco Group provides Civil Engineering and construction services with its main focus being the delivery of high quality projects for both residential and industrial use.

Whether it is a completely new development, renovation of an existing building or a new fit out contract our team have the expertise to commence and see project to the desired conclusion. We are also conscious on timelines and we ensure that our engineers put in all the required commitment to make each project completion fit into the agreed timeline.

We make it a point of duty to understanding our Clients’ requirements and work closely with them to deliver the contracts with minimal impact on both the environment and the public at large. Our creative approach and ability to deliver a consistently high standard of service with unique finishing is the base for the durability of our customer relationships.

Experienced in managing a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors, we have the expertise to deliver all kinds of sustainable construction projects, working with clients, specialists and others to reduce redundancy and waste. We focus on the design and construction of innovative, cost effective and energy saving buildings and are dedicated to delivering projects safely, with minimal impact on communities and the environment.