Informations about our company and our philosophy

About Ginco Group

Ginco Group is a Malian-based multi-industry conglomerate with the aim of creating solutions and opportunities in Engineering, Agriculture, Mining, Petroleum, and Consultancy and Commerce sectors.
We are dedicated to providing quality goods and services to our customers as well as fostering a healthy partnership with our prospective partners.


We strive to break and exceed traditional business norms by creating value for every cash spent on Mechanical, Technological and Human Projects . We also aim at becoming Africa's first in the provision of :

  • High Quality Services
  • Innovative Results
  • Cost Efficient Processes


Our vision is to become a leading company in the African continent for providing value to people and businesses alike by breaking down problems into manageable solutions with the sole purpose of enhancing life and promoting humanity.


To reach other African countries and engender change in the way service delievery is being perceived and delievered. We intend to build a global brand while improving our capacity to become first in

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Quality Management

Safety is the most important of our core values.

Involvement in and support of the community.

Structure’s commitment to green building
and eco systems.

Our Growth Through the Years

  • 2015

    Ginco Group


    The begin of a Conglomerate

    Ginco Group was formed in 2015 with the aim of building a business empire that will over time delve into different sectors of the African Economy. This started in Mali with the agriculture, Manufacturing and Construction industry as our first sectorial entry.

  • 2015



    Ginco Group in a bid to enter into the technology space launched a technologically driven platform for writers who intend to document and publish their stories. The platform is ment to allow them express themselves in writing with the possibility of eventually getting recognition and cash renumeration from sales of published materials.

  • 2016



    After several upgrades on the Nextscenes' platform from 2012 to 2016, we decided to upgrade the platform by adding numerous feaures to improve user experience. This necessitated the inclusion of the blog which would help individuals with interests in literature get updated news, Opportunities and information on their areas of interest.

  • 2016


    Made In Nigeria Expo - MALI

    As a result of the increasing need to promote trade and business interactions between countries in africa, Ginco Group in conjunction with Intdigits- Nigeria decided to float a new brand called MINEX. This platform would hold exhibitions annually and also promote commerce between African Nations Starting from Nigeria-Mali