If you’re like me, Bamako might surprise you a little bit.  The Malian capital is bigger than I expected, more developed than I expected, and much more full of life than I could have ever hoped for.  The city buzzes with a swarm of scooters and seems to be active 24 hours a day.  There are countless buildings of architectural interest including the Gadhafi-funded administration building.  Bamako comes alive at night and might actually be the best music destination in all of West Africa.  From intimate live shows with world famous acts like Baba Salah to all night clubs that pump the latest international tracks, there is something going on every single night in Bamako.  The people are friendly, the sights are worthy, and if Bamako is your introduction to West Africa, it will be a pleasant one.

Things to Do and See in Bamako

On the surface, Bamako might look like a fairly typical city.  However, once you dig down a bit you’ll find a wealth of things to do and see in the capital of Mali.  Below are a few I can recommend.

National Museum and Gardens: 
The national museum is easily the most developed I’ve seen in West Africa.  It’s not massive, but a nice introduction to Malian history.  Moreover, the gardens around it make for a pleasant escape from the city if that’s what you’re after.

Grand Marche: 
The market is frantic, but you’re not likely to get hassled too much, aside from a potential guide looking for work.  You’ll find everything here from batteries to sheep heads.

Point G: 
Another great escape from the city, Point G offers great views of Bamako.  Moreover, there is a nice botanical garden to chill out in as well.

Ask the good people at the Sleeping Camel Hostel for advice as to what’s going on in town, but there’s always something.  Personally, I would recommend Baba Salah’s show which goes down every Saturday.  

You can also check to see if there’s something going on at Tumast which is the Touerag cultural center.

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